LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are fast becoming the most popular bulb on the market thanks to their lower energy usage and much longer lifespan. From halogen equivalent bulbs to more stylish filament styles, warm white decorative bulbs to cool, functional lighting, there is a lightbulb to suit almost any purpose.

As one of the UK’s largest LED retailers we don’t just offer you a vast variety of products for the home and workplace, we also provide expertise and quality with every LED bulb we sell, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that you are getting a first class service every time.

Ultra LEDs also stock the widest range of Tagra® professional LED light bulbs, known for its unrivalled quality and unprecedented warranties. Most of the Tagra® LED bulbs have the Easy Dim dimmable feature as standard, just look out for the Easy Dim logo.

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Why use LED Bulbs over Halogen Bulbs?

Due to the recent EU eco-design regulations the sale of halogen lightbulbs has been banned as of
September 2018 in an effort to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint. Read more about the halogen ban.

This is due to their huge inefficiency and their subsequent high CO2 emissions which are contributing to climate
change. LEDs use on average 90% less energy than their halogen counterparts.

Not only are LED alternatives better for the environment, they are more cost-effective too. The
typical halogen bulb uses an average £11 worth of electricity per year compared to just £2 required
for an LED bulb.

Although an LED costs slightly more to buy they pay for themselves in 3 to 6
months’ time and typically last around 15-20 years compared to just 2 years expected from a
halogen. All this leads to a massive saving on your energy bills.

It is a common misconception that LED bulbs are inferior to a halogen alternative due to the belief
that they are slightly dimmer or that they give off an unnatural, cool glare, but thanks to recent
technological advances these concerns are outdated. LED bulbs are available in various
brightnesses - which is measured in lumens - and degrees of warmth, which is measured in

What to keep in mind when choosing an LED bulb

1. Brightness

The brightness of a bulb - its amount of light output - is measured in lumens. Traditionally, the
wattage of a bulb was used to give an indication to its brightness, but as LEDs are more efficient
they can have an equivalent brightness of a halogen bulb with a much lower wattage.

For example, an 8.5w LED bulb is equivalent to a 75w incandescent bulb, while a 13.5w LED is equal to a 100w
old-style bulb. See the conversion chart below to find out which LED equivalent bulb you need:

Incandescents / Halogens

Compact Fluorescents (CFLs)

Mercury Vapour


Equivalent Light Output



























2. Warmth or Coolness

The warmth of a light is measured on the Kelvin scale, with warm white reading around 3000K.
These bulbs emit a yellowy glow and are best suited for achieving ambient, cosy, atmospheres.
Cool White LED bulbs give off a bright, clean, white light and often read around 5000K on the Kelvin scale.

These are more suitable for office spaces and areas in the home where tasks are
performed due to their ability to improve concentration. Neutral white is somewhere in the middle
and is most similar to natural daylight to the eye. Neutral white bulbs typically read around 4000k
on the Kelvin scale.

kelvin chart

3. Fixture fitting compatibility

Most LED bulbs – also known as LED lamps - are available with the traditional Edison screw or
bayonet fittings. Edison screw bulbs are available in two sizes: the larger E27 or the smaller E14.
Bayonet bulbs are available in B22 and B15 sizes.

Ultra LEDs also offer a range of LED spotlight bulbs with the retrofit GU10 cap fitting, which are direct replacements for halogen bulbs.
Be sure to choose an LED bulb with a compatible fitting to the fixture in question. For more help with this please contact a member of our team.

4. Standard or Dimmable

When buying an LED bulb with the intention to dim them it is important to note that not all LED
bulbs are compatible with dimming technology due to the low wattage LEDs require. Using a non-dimmable
LED bulb in a dimmable circuit could result in malfunctions such as flickering, buzzing and even damage to the bulb or the dimmer.

The most popular types of LED light bulbs are:

1. The GU10 led bulb - a direct replacement for Halogens

Available in a variety of hues and wattages our range of spotlights offer high-quality illumination.
The most popular in the range are the GU10 varieties; due to their GU10 base fitting they act as an
energy-efficient direct replacement for halogen bulbs.

This GU10 LED bulb is equivalent to a 60w halogen and is available in warm or neutral white. It’s also dimmable.

2. The A60 GLS LED bulb

General Lamp Shape (GLS) bulbs are those with the traditional standard incandescent lightbulb
shape. Our GLS LED bulbs are a much more energy-efficient alternative and are available from 4w
to 8w with either edison or bayonet fittings.

All our GLS bulbs are dimmable. The A60 GLS bulb is our best-seller thanks to its warm 800 lumen output and its 30,000 hour life span.

3. Globe filament bulbs

Our range of globe filament bulbs make the perfect statement as a retro feature light. Reminiscent
of traditional filament bulbs enclosed in a glass globe in various diameters up to 125mm, they are
proving to be a very popular style.

This edison screw 95mm globe bulb offers a very warm white and is dimmable creating a cosy, ambient effect.

What type of LED bulbs are available at Ultra LEDs?

There are hundreds of different bulbs available at Ultra LEDs, with varying sizes, brightnesses and
warmths. The most common types are:

GLS bulbs
Short for ‘general lamp shape’, GLS LED bulbs are reminiscent of traditional incandescent bulbs.

They are much more energy-efficient than incandescents whilst offering an equivalent luminosity and are therefore used to replace standard bulbs in the home.

Spotlight bulbs
Our Spotlight bulbs are best suited to situations where task lighting is required, for example in offices or kitchens.

They are available in various different warmths depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. 

GU10 LED bulbs
GU10 Bulbs are a kind of spotlight bulb that are designed to directly replace halogens due to

their GU10 fitting - two metal pins or feet at the bottom of the cap.

They are most commonly used in office environments or in kitchens for task lighting due to their high luminosity.

Candle bulbs
Typically used in decorative lighting, candle bulbs are beautifully styled to mimic

the shape of a candle’s flame. Available in all cap fittings and various brightnesses, sizes and warmths.

Globe bulbs
Our Globe bulbs are reminiscent of filament bulbs and are created to be a

stylish addition to your home. They are ideal as a decoration above a dining table, offering a warm,
ambient light. Designs include sizes up to 125mm in diameter, all of which are dimmable.

Golf ball bulbs
A classic bulb shape, these LED bulbs are best suited for custom small light

fixtures such as bedside lamps or desk lamps. They are available in all cap fittings and many are dimmable.

Pygmy bulbs
So named due to their small size, pygmy bulbs are often used in decorative pendant lighting such as in chandeliers.
Available from 1.6w to 3.2w, they offer a delicate, ambient light.

Squirrel Cage Bulbs
Sometimes referred to as pear or tear drop bulbs, squirrel cage bulbs
use the 20th century design shape including the signature dimple of handblown glass combined with 21st century LED technology.
They are available with either edison or bayonet fittings and have  smoked or tinted glass finishes for a retro feel.

Tube lights
Designed to replace traditional tube lights, our LED light strips are similar to LED

ribbon however the LEDs are set on a hard aluminium strip. 

RGB Colour Changing GU10
Choose from millions of different hues with these colour changing spotlights.
Compatible with various wireless control systems either as a group or in different zones,

including handheld remote, wifi iOS/Android app or wall mounted controller.
These bulbs can also achieve warm white or cool white and can blend them for the perfect colour to suit the ambience of the room.


Can you put a LED bulb in a regular lighting fixture?

Yes - all our LED bulbs are compatible with mains voltage systems. There are some LED bulbs on
the market which require a low voltage power supply, however these are more specialist. When
replacing your traditional light bulbs with an LED alternative be sure to buy a bulb with a
corresponding fixture such as Edison screw or bayonet.

How many watts do LED bulbs use?

LED bulbs typically use around 2w to 10w, significantly less than high wattage load incandescents
and halogens which use between 60 and 150 watts. Although LEDs require less power than
traditional bulbs, they still offer an equivalent luminosity, hence why LEDs are considered to be a
more energy-efficient alternative.

Do led bulbs need a transformer?

No, because all of our bulbs are compatible with a mains voltage power supply, a driver is not
required to transform mains voltage into a lower voltage. To install your LED bulbs simply put them
in a compatible Edison or bayonet mains voltage fixture.

Do LED bulbs have the tendency to set on fire?

Due to their lower wattage and the fact they don't use heat to light up as with incandescents, it is
highly unlikely that an LED bulb will overheat and cause a fire. Although LED light bulbs might be
hot to the touch, they are nowhere near as hot as halogen or incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are
therefore considered the safer option, especially in decorative lighting scenarios such as in
Christmas displays.