Syndeo LED Drivers

Here at Ultra LEDs, we stock products from the Tagra Lighting Syndeo range. You'll find a range of components for Tagra's complete plug and play multi-port system for LED strip lights.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Syndeo by Tagra connects up to five runs of LED linear tape lighting quickly and easily from one driver. Because its slimline design is so inconspicuous, the system is ideal for incorporating lighting into furniture or for concealment behind any fixtures.

The Syndeo system is designed to save time and keep costs low on large commercial outfits, which is achieved thanks to its user friendliness. The Tagra Syndeo range includes a choice of sensors to incorporate into living spaces, such as door sensors and switches. Our selection also contains Syndeo drivers, extension cables, and cable connectors to help meet the needs of your system.

System benefits:

  • Instantly connect up to five runs of Syndeo LED light tape
  • Slimline driver for easy concealment
  • Plug and play: no need for an electrician
  • No tools required
  • Choose from a range of LED tape, aluminium profile, touch and motion sensors
  • Ideal for walk-in wardrobes, shelving, cabinets and more

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