LED Rope Lights

At Ultra LEDs, we stock LED rope lights that offer a flexible lighting solution that's ideal for intricately designed projects, like neon signage. Our products are available in a variety of colours, including white and RGB versions.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Each one of these LED rope lights has all the benefits of our neon flex, with the added feature of being able to offer 360° illumination thanks to its tubular design. Plus, it has the ability to run much longer lengths than other types of neon flex.

We stock LED rope from some of the best brands around, including Tagra, so you can rely on these products to be completely reliable and made to a high standard. We also carry regular LED flex, neon flex mini, and side view neon flex.

To go with your LED neon flex tube lighting, you may also be interested in our neon flex accessories range, which includes mounting track, end caps, and power cables. They should help you complete your installation to your liking.

You can qualify for free UK delivery on all orders over £75. We also have next day delivery available. So, order from our selection of LED neon rope lights today.