Terms and Conditions

Set out below are the terms that apply when you buy from Ultra LEDs or use our website. We’ve tried to say everything in plain English and make it as easy-to-understand as possible. If you think we could improve it in any way, just let us know!

When we have a contract with you

When you place an order with us, you are making an offer to purchase the goods in your basket at checkout. Once you check out and pay we’ll send you an order confirmation. Your offer to us to purchase is ‘accepted’ (and we have a contract) when we pack and despatch your order (or the first part of the order, if there will be more than one shipment). Up to that point we can decline your order. This is very rare and the most likely reason would be if we don’t have stock (but we will usually call you first – see below) or we have made a pricing error. If we do cancel your order we will tell you and send your money back.

Stock availability

When we arrive at the office in the mornings we check the orders to ensure we have everything we need to fulfil them (we have a stock management system so 99% of the time we do!) and we set about getting your stuff ready for despatch. Sometimes we have to wait for an item to come into our warehouse and we always try to make sure you know about that before you order so it’s not a surprise. If there is going to be a big delay we have not warned you about, something is shown in stock when it’s not, or there is some other problem or question with your order, we will let you know. But don’t worry – as we have a big warehouse, good computers, and even better people, the vast majority of orders go through quickly and without a hitch. 

Oops we got the price wrong or we delivered the wrong stuff

Very very occasionally we realise we have made an obvious pricing error .e.g we have listed something for 10.00 pence instead of £10.00. If a mistake like that happens we have a right to cancel your order (right the way up to the time it would be delivered to you). If there is a mistake on the price we will contact you to see if you want to go ahead with the purchase (at the corrected price). Similar rules apply if we accidentally deliver the wrong stuff: for example we deliver 50 rolls of LED tape rather than 5. If we do that it’s not a lottery win … you have to hold onto the extra rolls, tell us, and we will collect them from you (at our cost). This is very rare but we mention it here in case it happens.


The prices we display will be marked “including VAT” or “excluding VAT”. In the unlikely event it isn’t clear then the price will be excluding VAT. Prices are also shown before shipping which is added during the checkout process.

Our lowest price guarantee relates to comparable products i.e. they have to be the same or better quality, same or better quantity and availability (holding stock like we do costs money). If you find a comparable product elsewhere prior to your order being placed give us a call and we will check it out. If we agree we will either match the price or rethink our business model!


Delivery options will be presented to you on checkout. Sometimes if you order enough delivery is free. Happy days!

If you give a courier permission (for a particular order or generally) to leave parcels in your porch, shed or similar, or with a neighbour; or someone in your house (other than you) accepts/signs for them, then the goods will be treated as delivered by us and risk that they disappear or you never get them passes at that point. Similarly if the courier company has a policy of attempting to redeliver a certain number of times before requiring you to visit their depot, or sending them back to us, then once they have tried the agreed number of times it’s over to you to collect them. If they come all the way back to us we will try to contact you to find out why. Eventually (after a minimum of 30 days) we have the right to dispose of the goods or (at our option) put them back into stock, in each case without refund. That said, we don’t usually exercise this right since we try pretty hard to get the stuff delivered or redelivered so that you are happy and order from us again.

Product Guarantee

We want you to shop with peace of mind so almost everything we sell comes with a guarantee that exceeds the minimum we are required to give by law. Information on the guarantee applicable to each product is on the product page on our website, or in the quote we send to you.

For products guaranteed up to 4 years nothing further is required from you – just keep your proof of purchase.

Selected Tagra Premium™ LED tape and drivers come with a 5 year guarantee against defects or failure. This gives you peace of mind to specify Tagra Premium on your jobs secure in the knowledge that it is backed by us – not just our reputation but our money is on the line. For this special 5 year guarantee you must register for the guarantee by completing this form within 30 days of purchase and emailing the completed form to [email protected]. If the tape or driver fails within 5 years from being shipped to you simply give us a call to explain. We will either refund you or replace the item (at our option) and we will send you £30 (for tape - per reel, or length supplied by us if less) towards the cost of reinstalling the replacement.

Only the things you would expect are excluded from our guarantees, which are: incorrect installation; use of the wrong voltage or current (e.g. powering 12v tape with a 24v driver or under specifying a driver); exposure to excessive heat, vibration, water (unless correctly IP rated), salt/salty air, or chemicals; or problems caused by accessories/other products not supplied by us. If the item returned to us suggests one of these things has happened we may refuse the claim – but this is rare since our products fail very rarely and we value repeat business over being difficult on claims. We may ask you to send us the affected product back for inspection, at your cost, to check it, learn from errors/failures and to determine if the failure was due to one of the exclusion. But provided we are satisfied an exclusion does not apply – or if we decide to pay the claim anyway -- we refund the postage on top of the £30.

Cancellation and returns

If you are a consumer you have a right to cancel an order (for any reason) from the time of order up to 14 days from receiving the goods (14 days from receipt of the last package if the goods are sent in more than one delivery). To cancel call us on 01625 611 611 or email us on [email protected]. Please note that items must be unaltered, undamaged (by you) and returned complete with all original packaging, instruction manuals and similar, so please hold onto these.

Exceptions: there is no automatic right to cancel if an item has been ordered in by us especially for you and we have told you that it will be (in this case we are to that extent buying as your agent and supplying you on our terms) or an item is bespoke for you or customised or adapted for you (e.g. cut to length, soldered or similar). Please assume (unless you ask and we confirm otherwise) that neon flex is always cut to length and so it is not returnable unless defective.

If you are a business or buying on behalf of a business you do not have an automatic right to cancel without reason but give us a call anyway and we will see what we can do.

If a product is faulty please follow the same procedure as for a consumer cancellation - call us on 01625 611 611 or email us on [email protected]

If you are returning goods (whether for cancellation or they are faulty) please do so in the original packaging and include all instruction manuals and similar. For “no fault” cancellations as a consumer you must bear the cost. For returns where there is a fault you pay the postage/courier up front and we will reimburse it when we receive them back and confirm that they are indeed faulty. Goods must be returned to us within 14 days of notification of return or cancellation.

Refunds will be made to the same account/card that payment was made from. However if you have used or damaged goods or returned them without the original contents or unnecessarily damaged packaging we may adjust the amount of refund given (or in extreme cases give no refund at all) to take into account the knock on effect on what we can sell them for. Please allow up to 2 weeks for a return to be processed and refunded.

Website information, photos and text

We and the brand-owners of the products we sell have worked hard and invested to build up our brand names, to take photos of product, and to write the text on our website. So it’s not OK to copy our text and photos or to use our name or trade marks without permission. If you want to use any of the material please ask us first. Ultra LEDs is a registered trade mark and we will enforce it where it is used without our permission (e.g. to buy Google AdWords that point to a different site). The only people who get to rely on what we say on what is on our website are customers that buy a relevant product.


We work tirelessly to source high quality products making factory trips and testing things regularly. However despite our best efforts it is possible that things go wrong and a customer suffers loss or damage as a result. This section sets out our liability if that happens. Different rules apply to consumers and non-consumers (e.g. business or government customers).

Consumer law has a whole raft of protections for consumers and we will comply with all of them. For example we will ensure that goods we supply conform with their specification (or are better!). If we fail in any of our required duties we will be liable for any damage you (the customer) suffers that comes directly from our breach. It is a tricky one on how to deal with loss that is not so obviously or necessarily flowing from a breach (sometimes called “incidental” or “consequential” loss) for example if you have to get a tradesman in a second time to fit something and they charge for both the first and second visit. To keep our prices super competitive we seek to minimise our liability for things like that by assuming, for example, that you will fit product yourself (but of course get them checked out by a professional where prudent or required to do so). So if you are planning to spend money on a third party to fit stuff for you and you want us to bear the cost of a second visit etc. if there is a problem; or if the product is for a one off special event, or there is other higher risk of loss if the product fails or is otherwise not right, please tell us before you order so we can take that into account in deciding whether to accept your order or agree the price for it. If you don’t tell us or you do but we don’t agree to accept the extra risk, your ability to claim is reduced accordingly.

If you are a business/trader or buying on behalf of a business/trader to the maximum extent permitted by law we limit our liability to the cost of goods sold and received by us. That means, for example, that we are not liable for any consequential or indirect loss, or loss of revenue or profit. The one exception is LED tape and drivers covered by the Tagra Premium™ 5 year guarantee (details above).

The law requires us to state here that we retain liability for death and personal injury caused by our negligence and that we don’t seek to exclude or limit liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or for not owning what we say we sell to you or the various implied terms in the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Quite apart from what the law says it would be pretty wacky to try to exclude or limit liability for that stuff, so we don’t! Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.

Final words: Disputes and amendments to these terms

Your contract with us is governed by English law. If there is a dispute it will be resolved in the English courts and not anywhere else.

We can amend these terms at any time. Amendments won’t affect orders already placed but take effect immediately and so form the basis of contract of any order placed after they are published.

Who we are and how to contact us

Ultra LEDs is a trading name of T.R. Ventures Limited. We are a company incorporated in England. Our company number is 07757720. Our registered office is Unit 2, Southfields Industrial Estate, Trafford Park, M17 1SJ. You can write to us there. Our VAT number is 134014266.